Welcome to The Glass 🥃

It’s the first Friday of the month. The weekend is looming. It’s time for a drink, something exciting, but what to go for?

The Glass is a newsletter from award winning drinks writer Anthony Gladman. It’s for people who want to know a bit more about what’s in their glass, or who are wondering what to put in there next.

While I love a drink, this isn’t a newsletter about getting drunk.* Instead it’s about flavour, about people and places, about particular times when drinks connect us to a wider world.

So what’s in the glass? Expect original writing every month on beer, cider and spirits, extras and out-takes from my magazine articles, round-ups of the best stuff I’ve found about booze online, plus a different cocktail recipe every time 🍸

* OK there may be the occasional bit about getting drunk. It happens.

About me

You may know me from Twitter (@agladman), or perhaps you have read my work in Good Beer Hunting, October, Pellicle, Ferment or somewhere else.

I’m a fully trained and accredited Beer Sommelier, one of only a handful in the world, and I write full-time about booze for a living 🍻